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= Version 3.1.2 =
Release Date: January 23, 2019
* Fixed: Posts page translations does not work.
* Fixed: Post status in source site changed from remote site.
* Fixed: View plugin details on Upgrade throws an error.
* Fixed: Gutenberg Trasher compatibility.
* Fixed: Dynamic Permalinks don't works with Built in post types.
* Fixed: Language items are empty if post does not have a relationship.
* Fixed: After switching language manually, all links still redirects to the user browser language.
* Fixed: Duplicated queries in language api.
* Fixed: Edit post link within translation metabox title not update when entity get or lose a relationship.

= Version 3.1.1 =
Release Date: December 05, 2018
* Fixed: JavaScript error Cannot read property isSavingMetaBoxes of undefined.

= Version 3.1.0 =
Release Date: November 20, 2018

* Add: New Table List columns for post types and terms that show in which languages a content has been translated.
* Add: WooCommerce Product Data support to allow shop managers to translate products.
* Add: WooCommerce Product Gallery Copier to allow shop managers to duplicate gallery images into translated products.
* Add: Make Product Short Description translatable.
* Add: Quick Edit link for translated content within the translation metaboxes.
* Fixed: Edit link under Advanced translation tab isn't the correct one when translations update.
* Fixed: Content Relations return a wrong content id when related product is deleted permanently.
* Fixed: Post modified date updated in all connected posts.
* Fixed: Uncaught WC_Data_Exception: Invalid or duplicated SKU.
* Fixed: Display the WooCommerce Module "disabled" when WooCommerce is not installed instead of hide it.
* Fixed: WooCommerce Term relationship permission return true even if the user has not the right capability but the taxonomy attribute is active.
* Fixed: Language Navigation Item point to a wrong url on archive pages.
* Fixed: Copy post thumbnail result in multiple copies of the file image even if the same file with the same file name exists.

= Version 3.0.1 =
Release Date: October 11, 2018

* Fixed: Meta Box display wrong when more than 2 sites in the network.
* Fixed: hreflang not displayed in homepage.
* Fixed: In Taxonomies tab the use of html select causes connection loss for categories and tags.
* Fixed: Attribute taxonomy must always be translatable despite it's public or not.
* Fixed: Content relation for terms isn't removed when a term get deleted.
* Fixed: Automatic creation of Term fails.
* Fixed: x-default site setting should show the current site.
* Fixed: hreflang is created for not connected content.

= Version 3.0.0 =
Release Date: August 28, 2018

* Initial Release

= Versions < 3.0.0 = 
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