MultilingualPress 2.8.0

Today, we released version 2.8.0 of MultilingualPress. This is a minor release including several bug fixes and improvements.

Thank you very much for your contributions.

Relevant Changes

  • Content Relations: Fix various (edge case) issue around adding a new post to an existing relationship, see issue #280.
  • DB: Always (try to) delete a table before creating it a new, see issue #240.
  • hreflang: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.render_hreflang, to force or prevent rendering.
  • hreflang: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.hreflang_post_status, to restrict post translations, and only query published posts, see issue #276 and issue #277.
  • Language API: Introduce a new argument, post_status, to restrict post translations.
  • Redirect: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.redirect_post_status, to restrict post redirect targets, and only query published posts, see pull request #278.


MultilingualPress 2.8.0 is available on our GitHub repository and in the official WordPress plugin directory.