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MultilingualPress Features

Performance benchmarks you'll love

MultilingualPress is developed by engineers. We care for bits like that extra database query that’s just not supposed to happen. Basically, we let WordPress do its job and keep our plugin out of the way of any speed-relevant queries.

Better Performance - Good for SEO

Due to its good performance in contrast to other solutions, multilingual websites with MultilingualPress rank higher. Because Google and other search engines care about the performance of websites. Therefore, it’s an important fact for a good search result position.

Add Language Links to WP Nav Menus

The most intuitive place for navigational language links. Just drag and drop your languages into your custom menus. (That’s right, no code snippets required. Banzai!)

Automatic hreflang support for language sites

The hreflang attribute is used by Google to serve the correct language or regional URL in search results. MultilingualPress automatically inserts the respective link element within the head section of each language site.

Language Manager

174 languages at your finger tips. Choose the ones you’re going to use, manage all the details, assign priorities. You could even invent a new language and assign it to a site within your network. Fancy a blog translated into Volapük?

Translate All The Things

Default WordPress content like posts, pages, categories, tags, custom post types and taxonomies can be translated with MultilingualPress.

Automatic language redirection

Automatically redirect your visitors to their preferred language depending on their browser settings.

Quick Nav

Automatically insert a quick navigation to all available translations into single posts and pages.

Dashboard Widget

An optional widget on your Dashboard showing pending translations.

Duplicate Sites

Create a new site in your network as a copy of an existing site, including all posts, pages, widgets and settings.

SEO-friendly URLs & Permalinks

Cool URIs don’t change. A permalink is supposed to be permanent, meaning: forever. MultilingualPress lets WordPress handle your permalinks like you set them up. No rewrites, promised.

Full flexibility

Thanks to WordPress’ multisite solution in contrast to one-page-solutions, you have the full flexibility and the whole control in your hands. Each of your websites can have totally different functionalities or a totally different design, if you like, while all your language pages are in one big network.

Top-level Domains per Language

Use top-level domains for your language sites, like .com or for English, .fr for French, .pt for Portuguese, .es for Spain, .de for German…

Future-proof, WordPress Core-based Architecture

Building a future-compatible WordPress plugin requires a strong commitment to WordPress’ core. MultilingualPress leverages the Multisite core feature that powers millions of sites from one code base on

No Lock-in, just honest Open Source Software.

MultilingualPress treats everything you create with great respect. Export/import language content with the default WordPress Export/Import tool into another setup. It will be there as you expect, whether our plugin is running or not.

Inline Docs & Developer Support

Need to extend MultilingualPress with custom functionality? Feast your eyes on rich inline documentation and OOP. Feel brave? You can even re-use interfaces and classes of the plugin.

Visual editor

Write and translate on the same screen without having to switch language sites in the back-end.  

Translate Custom Post Types

Portfolios, events, testimonials, products… You name it, you translate it.


When you move a post or page to the trash, optionally trash all its translations simultaneously.

Language Switcher Widget

Make use of the customizable widget to display links to all other languages.

Get your premium support now!

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The plugin itself is free available on With the license you acquire our premium support.

MultilingualPress Premium Support

12 month 24/7* Premium support on our Helpdesk

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  • Domains:unlimited
  • Updates:365 Days
  • Individual tech support from MultilingualPress developers:365 Days
  • Renewal*:365 Days/ $69,00
* Renewal is optional, it is necessary for premium support.
A MultilingualPress Premium support plan is not required in order to install, run, or update the plugin. When in need of individual technical and/or priority support for an individual site or client project, purchasing premium support is highly recommended.

24/7* access, support office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 UTC+1.

Truly Localized WordPress

There is lots to say about web content in multiple languages. Some things you should think through, and other things you shouldn’t need to worry about. Especially when your content gets more complex, WordPress should remain easy and intuitively usable.

That’s why we have created MultilingualPress on top of a powerful core feature of WordPress: Multisite. The same feature that powers millions of sites on

MultilingualPress enables you to create a network of sites in different languages, all interconnected just like you want them to be.

Publish away in your language! And theirs. And theirs, too…

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The team behind MultilingualPress

Behind MultilingualPress is a team of over 20 WordPress experts: the team of Inpsyde GmbH. As founder of the community platform WordPress Germany we have used, distributed, enhanced and translated WordPress in the very early years. We are using for every case no matter what, possible or impossible! And with MultilingualPress we provide you a perfect solution for multilingual.

Thorsten Frommen WordPress Developer Thorsten Frommen Development
Thomas Scholz WordPress Developer  Thomas Scholz Development
robert Robert Windisch Development
christina   Christina Fuchs QA & Support
Alexander Frison - Product Management Alexander Frison Product Management
frank-bueltge Frank Bültge Product Management

Some facts prove the success of MultilingualPress!

Our Users

Many professionell WordPress agencies, coporate clients and WordPress VIP using MultilingualPress! Thanks for your trust!

Over 140.000 Downloads

So many people trust MultilingualPress as the perfect solution for multilingual in WordPress! And we are not finished yet!

Over 4 years MultlingualPress

And that's not all! Behind the team of MultilingualPress is 30+ years of cumulative WordPress Experience!

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First Release Date: 23.12.2011

Last Update: 13.03.2017