How to Copy Media Library Content Between Connected Sites

Are you struggling to transfer media library content between your connected websites? Fear not! With the latest feature available in MultilingualPress 4.6.0, you can seamlessly copy all or part of your media library content from one subsite to another within the same Multisite network. Let’s dive into how to make the most of this new functionality.

How to copy one single element

Assume you have a Multisite network with MultilingualPress version 4.6.0 installed and three interconnected subsites: the main site in English, another in Italian, and a third in German. For example, if the media library of the German site is empty while the English site contains an image, such as a photo of Woody Allen, here’s what you can do.

First navigate to the media library of the English site and select the desired image.

On the right-hand side, at the bottom of the page, locate the “MultilingualPress Setting” section. Here, you can choose to select all interconnected sites or a specific one. Once you’ve made your choice, the image will be copied to the destination site’s media library.

If you select the German site, upon checking the media library, you’ll find the image has been added.

Attention: If files with the same name exist in the destination site, they will be overwritten.


How to bulk copy several elements

Now, let’s explore how to copy all content from the Italian subsite’s media library, which, for instance, contains three images:

Begin by pressing the “Bulk Select” button. This action will reveal a new section where you can choose all or some of the destination subsites where you want to copy the files. Below, select all the files you wish to copy from the Italian site, and then choose the German site as the destination, as shown in the figure below.

Press the “Copy” button to initiate the copying process. Upon returning to the media library of the German subsite, you’ll find all three images copied from the Italian site.

You can effortlessly manage and transfer media library content between connected sites within your Multisite network using MultilingualPress with this simple process. Say goodbye to manual transfers and hello to streamlined content management!

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