MultilingualPress 3 (and higher) – Common Questions & Answers

What is the difference between MultilingualPress 3+ & 2?

MultilingualPress 3+ is the complete refactoring of version 2. Version 3 (and higher) is only available as a premium plugin and is based on PHP 7. So, it is a state-of-the-art code compatible with the coming Gutenberg editor. For more information check out our documentation What’s new in MultilingualPress 3+?  

Licence and Purchase

Where can I buy MultilingualPress 3+?

Here on this website. You can find all licences on the start page

I have some questions before I buy MultilingualPress. Where do I get answers?

In case you have questions before purchasing, please use our contact form.

Do you continue to support MultilingualPress 2?

Well, yes for the moment. But there will only be security updates.

Can I still buy premium support for MultilingualPress 2?

Yes, premium support for MultilingualPress 2 is included in all version 3+ licences.

Is there a free version 3+ on

No, not now. 

Is there a Demo?

If you want to see what MultilingualPress can do for your multilingual websites before purchasing, please visit and

On both pages, you will see a website with two different languages and different types of language switcher menus created with the MultilingualPress plugin. 

For further questions and inquiries, feel free to explore our other MultilingualPress documentation here or contact us at

Do you have a product video?

Yes, you can find it in our MultilingualPress beginners guide.

Do I get my money back in case I don’t like MultilingualPress 3+?

Yes, we have a return policy of 30 days.


In which language do you offer support?

We offer support in both German and English.

How do I contact the MultilingualPress support?

First, you need to buy a licence. Then, log in to your customer account and open a ticket here:

When do I get an answer?

Usually, support is offered from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm UTC+1. During this time, we answer within a few hours.


Is there an automatic migration from version 2 to 3+?

We are currently working on a migration tool which is available as alpha version on github. A tutorial for the migration tool can be found here.

Does MultilingualPress translate my content?

No, MultilingualPress does not translate texts. MultilingualPress connects translations which belong to different sites of your multisite. So your website visitors see the content in the language they know.

Who translates my texts?

You can either translate the text by yourself or use the service of our partner Eurotext. By using the plugin translationMANAGER you can send them your texts.

Is there a service to translate my text professionally?

Yes, there is a service. By installing Eurotext’s translationMANAGER plugin, you can order professional translations in more than 50 languages from the WordPress backend directly. The translations are exclusively made by native speakers.

What happens if I don’t translate my texts?

You don’t need to translate every post, page etc. So in case you have a German post and don’t translate it into English, and your website visitors change into the English version of your website, they are redirected to the start page of your English website version. There is no 404 error (site not found)..

Where do I find the feature list?

At the moment, you can find the most important features on the start page Questions before purchase? Write a message to us.

Is MultilingualPress compatible with the WordPress Multisite’s Domain Mapping Feature?

Yes. Domain Mapping is supported. That means you can run the sites on top level domains and not only on subdomains or in sub directories.
Besides starting from WordPress 4.5 the Domain Mapping is a feature natively integrated in WordPress Multisite, and actually is independent from MultilingualPress.You want to set up Domain Mapping? Check out the
WordPress Codex or our tutorial Domain Mapping in WordPress Multisite .

Which PHP and WordPress Version does MultilingualPress 3+ require?

You need at least the versions PHP 7 and WordPress 4.8.

MultilingualPress & WordPress multisite

Do I really need a WordPress multisite?

Yes, MultilingualPress doesn’t make sense without multisite.

I know nothing about the multisite and I’m afraid of trying.

Don’t worry, we promise it’s easier than you think! Take a look at our WordPress Multisite 1×1. Amongst other explanations we prepared the tutorial “How to install and set up a WordPress Multisite” for beginners. You need further help concerning the multisite? Write us here.

MultilingualPress & WooCommerce

Does MultilingualPress work with WooCommerce?

Yes. You can use MultilingualPress for multilingual sites both with or without WooCommerce. WooCommerce products and taxonomies are as easy to translate as normal posts. You can read more in our tutorial “Getting started with MultilingualPress“. The shops of your sites are independent, though.

Do the WooCommerce shops of the languages have a shared stock?

Yes, there is another plugin that lets you centralize the stock across your shops belonging to the same Multisite Network. Have a look at Central Stock for WooCommerce .

Does MultilingualPress convert prices from one currency into another?

No, you need to indicate the prices in each shop in its individual currency.

What’s the difference between the MultilingualPress you sell here and the one you sell at WooCommerce?

There is no difference. We are proud to be listed with our plugin on the WooCommerce Marketplace. It is the same plugin, we have the same prices and you will be supported by our supporters and devs, no matter where you buy.

I haven’t found answers to my questions.

You still search for a topic in our documentation? Please write a message, we would like to add it.

Build the perfect multilingual webshop with WooCommerce and our plugins MultilingualPress and CentralStock!