What’s new in MultilingualPress 3?

MultilingualPress 3 is coming soon! It is the brand new version of our multilingualism plugin. Well, it is not really a new version built on the previous one, but rather a reengineered version. It considerably improves the features of version 2. However, without decreeing its end: in fact, we will continue to support version 2.

Why should we buy Version 3 when the 2 is still available for free?

This is an interesting question that can find its answer when buying a new car.

We can choose an excellent car produced a few years ago. It is reliable and carries out its task of transporting in a safe and comfortable way.

But it is not the new model.

On the contrary, the new model offers the latest generation features. It is built with new, more resistant materials. The new model has advanced safety and protection devices. And features that allow a more comfortable ride, with technologies that allow lower consumption and more power. So, ask yourself: where do I want to go? But mainly, how do I want to go?

… are we still talking about cars or about the new version of MultilingualPress?

PHP7, new power to the code

MultilingualPress 3 works on PHP7. So version 3 takes advantage of all the benefits according to a state-of-the-art implementation. Thus it shows a faster response compared to web calls and has a faster site execution speed.

But even consumption is reduced: as is known, this version of PHP requires fewer resources. As a result, you save memory to run processes for the happiness of your site’s hosting services. If you wonder what PHP stands for and you have no idea, well, better check this little summary about What is PHP and why you should migrate to modern PHP.


We can prepare our vehicle to work efficiently with the best fuel, but we must also think about how to manage this power. We have to take into account how to design and assemble the various parts to have a new and shiny model.

Well, we rewrote MultilingualPress just with one goal: to improve the efficiency. This includes the code’s maintainability as well as to fully exploit the advantages of PHP7. That’s why we optimized the features of version 2, streamlined some of them and made everything more intuitive for the user. So we also focused on the simple usage of the product and not only on increasing its power.

Better UI and Gutenberg compatibility

Improving the tools by simplifying the use of MultilingualPress has been one of the main objectives pursued in this new version.

Compared to the old version MultilingualPress 3 no longer has the Translation Manager to insert new languages.

Now MultilingualPress is natively set up with a complete set of languages. The large number meets the needs of users automatically, without requiring further settings.

Furthermore, version 3 is ready for Gutenberg. If you wonder what we talk about you should know that the new WordPress editor will come to light by 2018 bringing new features. But above all Gutenberg brings a new concept of drafting and managing content that will be extended to the whole WordPress system in the coming years. Curious? Have a look at Gutenberg Editor changes User Interface in WordPress.

Are you ready for the imminent change? MultilingualPress 3 is!

Unlike in version 2 the boxes under posts relating the content translations now no longer contain the translated content of the article. Instead, they only keep the relationship functionalities of the language and the main attributes. The body of the article is then kept in the original site, but the boxes still allow to define some translations of the main parameters (title, excerpt …) and manage the functional characteristics of the translation (Relationship features, Related taxonomies).

I love V2

Still in love with MultilingualPress version 2? Or just in fear for your current projects? Nothing to worry at all, because we will continue to offer support for version 2.

But please note: currently it is not possible to switch from version 2 to version 3. So if you start a new project, set a plan: where do you want to go? how do you want to go? Maybe version 3 is the correct choice in the long term.

What else?

Of course … this new version is a beginning. The reengineering process is just the first step: Be ready for new surprises – we work constantly to offer new features. So … stay connected!