What is MultilingualPress-Yoast-Seo-Sync for?

MultilingualPress-Yoast-Seo-Sync helps you to manage the metadata of the Yoast SEO plugin for translated posts or sites in your MultilingualPress network. The addon provides additional Yoast tabs for every translation in the editor and enables you to set up the data in one place. No more switching between different translations of content!

Requirements for MultilingualPress-Yoast-SEO-Sync

How to Install MultilingualPress-Yoast-SEO-Sync?

Download the addon from Github

  1. Go to:
  2. Go to releases

    Release-Button on Github for MLP3-Yoast-SEO-Sync
    Click the Releases Tab on the Addons Github page
  3. Select the latest release and download the current Version as a zipped file
MLP3-Yoast-SEO-Sync Github Download Zip file
Select the latest version of the addon and download the Zip file

Install the addon on WordPress

  1. Make sure you have installed MultilingualPress. If you need help, follow this tutorial
  2. Go toMy SitesNetwork AdminPlugins

    Backend Network Admin Plugins
    Select the Menu Plugins via Network Admin WordPress
  3. Press the Add New button and select Upload Plugin
  4. Select the addon zip file from your computer and press the Install Now button

    WordPress Upload Plugin Menu
    Upload the Addons Zip file to your WordPress installation
  5. Activate the addon across all sites of your multisite network by pressing the Activate button

How to use MultilingualPress-Yoast-SEO-Sync Addon?

The Addon provides an additional Yoast SEO tab for every translation type you see in your editor. When you set up metadata for a site or post, you are now able to do this in one place without switching between different translations.

MLP3-Yoast-SEO-Sync Yoast Metabox Tab
The Addon provides an additional Yoast SEO tab for translation in your editor


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