Multilingual Press 2.1 is out now!

Today we released the final version 2.1 of Multilingual Press. The release includes a lot of improvements and great new features. A full list of all changes you can find in the Changelog. Thanks for all the feedback of the RC!

Changelog 2.1.0

  • Added links to translations to the head element.
  • Relations between sites are now stored in a separate table mlp_site_relations. This is faster than the previous option call, and it is less error prone, because we don’t have to synchronize these relations between sites. The old options will be imported into the table automatically during the upgrade.
  • You cannot edit trashed translations anymore. If a translation has been moved to trash, you get a notice on the original editor page now, not the post content.
  • Post meta fields in poorly written plugins will not be overwritten anymore. We had many reports about plugins without a check for the current site when they write meta fields. Now we remove all global post data before we synchronize the posts, and we restore them when we are done.
  • The HTTP redirect will respect the visitor’s language preference now correctly.
  • All users who are logged in can disable the automatic redirection in their profile settings now.
  • You can see for which site the HTTP redirect is enabled in the global site table in the network administration in an extra column.
  • Installation and uninstallation are heavily improved now. We catch many more edge cases and switches from Free to Pro.
  • Languages are now synchronized between MultilingualPress and WordPress. When you assign a language in MultilingualPress to a site the first time and the language files are available, we set the site language in the WordPress option to that value.
  • You can add language links to regular navigation menus in the backend now. These links are adjusted automatically on each site: if there is a dedicated translation, the link will be changed to that page. It will point to the other site’s front page otherwise.
  • Users who are not logged in will not get permalinks for non-public sites anymore. You can work on a new site now safely, test all the links while being logged in, and your visitors will never see that until you set the site to public.
  • Post formats are now supported in the post translation page. We offer only formats that you have used on the other site at least once, because that is the onloy way to know that they are actually supported on that site.
  • Post parents are now synchronized when you save a hierarchical post type like a page.
  • You can link existing terms (tags, categories, whatever) now. We will add support for term creation on that page later.
  • There are hundreds of other, minor improvements, too many to list them all.


If you own a Pro version, the ZIP archive is already in your download area: English and German. The free version is available on our GitHub repository.