MultilingualPress 2.2.0 “Michael Ende”

Today, we (finally) released version 2.2 of MultilingualPress. The release includes a lot of improvements and great new features. For a full list of all changes, please refer to the changelog. Thank you very much for all your contributions.

Since the story of MultilingualPress 2.2 is somewhat like the Neverending Story, it was pretty obvious to dedicate this version to Michael Ende.

Relevant Changes

  • MultilingualPress Pro and Free are merged now.
  • If specified, the Custom Name is used in get_name().
  • Site Relations do not exclude non-public sites anymore.
  • When duplicating an existing site, you can now set the search engine visibility of the new site.
  • In the Network admin, the site table now lists the Site Language.
  • The html tag now includes the current blog language. Also, the content and the quicklinks include the according hreflang attribute value.
  • While doing AJAX, do not redirect, no matter if admin-ajax.php or not.
  • Translations now can be saved as long as either a title or content is given. This is how WordPress core behaves.
  • The (new) Advanced Translator now includes post slug and post excerpt fields.
  • Translation meta boxes are only visible to users, who have the required capability to edit the according translation post.
  • When saving a post with unsaved Relationship changes, a confirmation pops up.
  • Make no-redirect links set the session to not redirect.
  • You can now remove all terms of a remote post in the Advanced Translator.
  • Cache various internal queries.
  • We introduced several filters. For a comprehensive documentation, please refer to the according Wiki page.
  • The long deprecated filters mlp_pre_save_postdata and mlp_pre_update_post have been removed.
  • The function get_blog_language() has been deprecated in favor of mlp_get_blog_language().
  • There are hundreds of other, minor improvements, too many to list them all.


MultilingualPress 2.2 is available on our GitHub repository and in the official WordPress plugin directory.