MultilingualPress 3.1.2

MultilingualPress 3.1.2 has been released! This new version provides several bug fixes, to solve problems highlighted during the optimization test sessions of the plugin, or identified by the customers and reported through the support channel.

So, what’s new?

Therefore the new version does not provide new features, but rather makes the plugin more stable and secure. Here follows the description of some bugs that we fixed in this new version.

Language Switcher: if the post has no translation the menu link is empty

This issue was reported by several users and the fix is here. The problem happened when we tried to set a language menu that let us navigate through different post translations. In that case, if we didn’t connect the post to any other post translation, the link in the menu was empty, and so inactive.

Shared trash feature not working with Gutenberg

The MultilingualPress trash feature, that allows you trash with just one click a post and all the translation related posts through MultilingualPress, had a compatibility issue. In fact, when we activated Gutenberg, that option (“Send all the translations to trash when this post is trashed.”) did not appear anymore in the post publish metabox. Now the current version fixes this bug.

Removing duplicate queries

There were some queries used on an empty table that could be managed more smartly. Now in this new version that queries are allowed only when the related Language Manager service is active, improving the performance of the plugin.


Here below follows a detailed view of all the changes included in the release.

  • Fixed:
    • Posts page translations does not work
    • Post status in source site changed from remote site
    • View plugin details on upgrade throws an error
    • Gutenberg Trasher compatibility
    • Dynamic permalinks don’t work with built in post types
    • Language items are empty if post does not have a relationship
    • After switching language manually, all links still redirect to the user browser language
    • Duplicated queries in language api
    • Edit post link within translation metabox title does not update when entity gets or loses a relationship