MultilingualPress 3.2.0

MultilingualPress Release 3.2.0 is now available! This new version provides several bug fixes and some improvements that increase the performance and enhance the overall compatibility of MultilingualPress with other plugins and environments.

We released MultilingualPress 3.1.

So, what’s new?

This new version provides some bugfixes and also new “invisible” tools. This means that the plugin is not providing a new feature that the user can directly select and use, instead we modified some code routines to allow the plugin to work more efficiently.

In fact, thanks to these changes, the plugin is now compatible with the VIP Go environment! And also this version reduces the risk of conflicts when interacting with other plugins.

Here follows the description of some fixes that the 3.2.0 release offers.

Introduce helpers for batch processing

We noticed that some tasks took long processing time in order to be executed. For example during the duplication of a subsite, especially while copying media files from one site to another.

We hence refactored this kind of tasks reducing the time spent in such operations, through a proper code optimization.

WooCommerce tables are not copied when duplicate a site

Before this fix the WooCommerce attributes created in a site were lost as a result of the duplication of the site via MultilingualPress. This happened because MultilingualPress did not consider some tables during the duplication process.

Now we resolved this issue. Some customer discovered this problem and immediately reported it to us.

Thanks again guys for helping us improve MultilingualPress more and more every day!

WooCommerce Shop Page translation does not work correctly

This problem was related to the translation of the Shop page: when using the language menu selector, the redirection to the page of the selected language shop did not work properly. In fact the user landed in the homepage and not in the Shop page, as expected.

Now we solved also this issue, and MultilingualPress performs correctly the translation.


Here below follows a detailed view of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.2.0.

  • Added:
    • Replace PHP file functions with WP_Filesystem
    • Introduce helpers for batch processing
    • Copy attachments asynchronously
    • Flush permalinks on plugin upgrade
    • Add blog slug solution from DateTranslator.php to other cases
  • Fixed:
    • Product variation data is not copied to remote site
    • Regular Price and Sale Price of WooCommerce not always strings, causing Fatal Error
    • Fatal Error in WordPress Context when retrieving queried object ID
    • TypeError: Argument 1 passed to pluginInformation() must be of the type boolean
    • Built Plugin Causes Fatal Error
    • WooCommerce Shop Page translation does not work correctly
    • WooCommerce tables are not copied when duplicate a site
    • Javascript error from Trasher and Custom Post Types
    • Wrong URL path for tag pages – post_tag instead of tag
    • Plugin has now GPLv2+ licence