Multilingual Press 2.0, RC 2

Today, we released the second release candidate for version 2.0.

Changes since version 1.1.1

Free and Pro version

  • Code refactoring. This is huge. Our former 18 classes are now 80. We moved away from inheritance to composition, and we added many useful classes for third-party developers. We will start writing documentation next week.
  • New Language Manager with editable languages.
  • Rename Multilingual Press Widget to Language Switcher.
  • Improved storage of site relationships.
  • Set attributes width and height for flags.
  • Fixed error on plugin deactivation.
  • Implement uninstall.php to clean up on deletion properly.
  • Simplify user interface in site settings.
  • Better keyboard accessibility for form fields.
  • Convert text domain calls to static strings.
  • Better label text
  • Missing translation does not prevent translating a post again anymore.
  • Post authors of translations are not overwritten anymore.
  • Show current site in widget works now.
  • Rework translation metaboxes, there is now one box for each language.
  •  Rename blog to site in the user interface.
  • Update German translation, remove outdated other translations.
  • Fixed missing trailing slash in subdirectory installations.

Pro version only

  • Removed icon from settings page. This is obsolete since WordPress 3.8.
  • Better design for the settings page. Easier to understand and to use, less options, works without JavaScript.
  • The Advanced Translator works with any custom post type now. Please make sure the post type is registered in a network activated plugin. Post types in themes don’t work. And they don’t belong to themes anyway.
  • The Advanced Translator includes taxonomies, built-in and custom. For custom taxonomies applies the same as for custom post types. Register them in a network plugin.
  • You can change relationships between translation now any time: Remove a relationship, create a new draft post, or search live for existing posts.
  • The Quick link output is now keyboard accessible.
  • License check does not prevent bulk plugin deletion anymore.
  • Improved performance for site duplication.
  • You can write translations from auto-drafts now. Just go to New Post, and start writing. We removed the extra step to save the post once.

There are many more minor improvements, too many to list them all.


The free version is available on our GitHub repository.

Reporting bugs

As a Pro user, please our support forum for bug reports, users of our free version should use the support forum on

Please include the exact steps to reproduce the problem. Disable all plugins and use a Twenty X theme.

Run stress tests on your test environment, test the update with real data (but still on a test site), find everything we missed. Anything you don’t find will be shipped with the final version.