Multilingual Press 2.0, RC 4

This is the last release candidate before we let the dogs out build a final. At least, that’s what I hope.

Most important changes:

  • I have disabled the relationship changer for auto-drafts for now. Handling this insanity was just too much work; I will tackle it later again. Maybe.
  • I also dropped support for post formats in the Advanced Translator. Since they are not “real” terms until you have used them, getting them is a little bit too much work. Plus, there is now way to detect the supported formats in other sites, because that is a theme setting, and the theme is not active.
  • The widget doesn’t throw a notice anymore when you save its settings. The same applies to the Quicklink feature.
  • The translation metabox contains the blog title now. That should help when you have two or more sites with the same language.
  • I did what you shouldn’t do in a release candidate: I have refactored the HTTP redirect feature.It does a real language negotiation now, it weights the user’s preferences against the priority you have set in the language manager and finds the best match. And if the user has excluded a language (language-code;q=0), that will be respected too.

Please test this RC. We will use exactly that code probably for the final version.


If you own a Pro version, the ZIP archive is already in your download area: English and German. The free version is available on our GitHub repository.