MultilingualPress 2.1.1 “Kris Kelvin”

No matter how smart your own tests are – you users are smarter. This release fixes the bugs they found and reported. Thank you all for the feedback!

I named this release “Kris Kelvin”, because …


  • Fixed autoloading with glob() on Solaris systems. This deserves a separate post here.
  • Fixed database error when upgrading from a preview version of the 2.1 branch.
  • Custom flags are now fetched from the correct site.
  • Built-in flag icons are checked on the file system before we return an URL from them.
  • Language switcher widget is now visible for all users.
  • Improved description of the widget options.
  • Search pages are translated correctly.
  • Pro: Table duplicator works with custom tables now. Blog post and new plugin for that will come too.