MultilingualPress 2.3.2

Today, we released version 2.3.2 of MultilingualPress. This is a patch release that fixes four (potential) bugs. Thank you very much for all your contributions.

Relevant Changes

  • Fix leftover entry from site option included in languages data.
  • Fix potentially invisibe plugin activation row on Add New Site page.
  • Run post_name through urldecode to account for non-ASCII characters.
  • Fix incorrect ml_type value of duplicated custom post type posts.

Developers: As we would like to use the official GlotPress for translatingMultilingualPress, we will (have to) change the plugin text domain from multilingualpress to multilingual-press with the next (major) release. So, in case you are doing crazy things with our translations (which you basically should really not), please be informed.


MultilingualPress 2.3.2 is available on our GitHub repository and in the official plugin directory.