MultilingualPress 2.4.0 “Emil Krebs”

Today, we released version 2.4.0 of MultilingualPress. This is a regular release including both bug fixes as well as new features. Thank you very much for all your contributions.

Relevant Changes

  • Fix term relation not being deleted when term is deleted.
  • Fix dynamic CPT permalinks (due to regression during merge).
  • Fix hreflang links and headers.
  • Complete JavaScript refactor with full unit test coverage.
  • Refactor and improve the post translator’s “Copy source post” functionality.
  • CPT translator: allow translation for all editable post types.
  • Use the full slug when copying post data.
  • Use the new network_site_new_form action hook (where available) instead of injecting markup with jQuery. Yay!
  • When creating a new site, the MultilingualPress language follows the site language (but can be set individually).
  • Fire the switch_theme action when a site has been duplicated.
  • Add the MultilingualPress settings page link to the plugin list in the WordPress Network Admin.
  • Implement selective refresh support for the Language Switcher widget.
  • Delete the according Language nav menu items when a site is deleted.
  • Add filter for remote post search minimum input length.
  • Sort remote post search results by relevance.
  • Lots of late escaping.
  • Improve (i.e., prepare/escape/cache) several MySQL queries.
  • There are lots of other, minor improvements, too many to list them all.

Developers: As mentioned in the previous release, we change the plugin text domain from multilingualpress to multilingual-press with this release, so we are now able to use the official GlotPress for translating MultilingualPress.


MultilingualPress 2.4.0 is available on our GitHub repository and in the official WordPress plugin directory.