MultilingualPress 2.5.0

Today, we released version 2.5.0 of MultilingualPress. This is a regular release including both bug fixes as well as new features.

Thank you very much for all your contributions.

Relevant Changes

  • Installation: Fix Incorrect index name ” errors.
  • Alternate Languages: Fix hreflang HTTP Headers and HTML <link /> tags being provided on paged requests.
  • Advanced Translator: Fix saving two posts due to (auto-)draft behavior.
  • User Backend Language: Don’t register module for WordPress 4.7+.
  • Sites: Fix having two active nav tabs.
  • General: Use (get_)home_url() for all front-end requests/URLs.
  • Nav Menu: Introduce CSS class for current language item.
  • Functions: Introduce filter for Mlp_Helpers::show_linked_elements() output.


MultilingualPress 2.5.0 is available on our GitHub repository and in the official WordPress plugin directory.