MultilingualPress 3.0.0 has been released!

We released the new major version! MultilingualPress 3 is now ready and finally available for Pro users! We had already anticipated it some time ago, talking about the main changes we were working on, and now it is possible to use this new version and build multilanguages sites in a breeze.

MultilingualPress is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your multilingual website in a quick and reliable way. The new version brings several news and improvements compared to the previous one. Let’s explore some of the news!

MultilingualPress: say “hello” to the Version 3 in 890 different languages

Today the plugin is provided with 890 default languages, hence there are no boundaries in translating your site. Just choose your preferred language and build up your content, nothing more, nothing less.

WooCommerce and MultilingualPress 3: a strong connection

We know how complex and important it is for a shop manager/owner to set up the same store on different domains based on the languages and/or the countries that he wants to serve. This is why MultilingualPress has been enhanced. Now the creation of multiple stores and the translation of WooCommerce post types is a simple task that allows you to create and manage your stores in an easier way.

MultilingualPress 3 in fact, now manage WooCommerce post types similarly to WordPress standard pages and posts. This  allows you to connect products, orders and coupons and easily manage the translation by inserting the proper slugs for each post type or otherwise handle them through the permalinks settings.

But that’s not all, the WooCommerce module also allows the translation of the product attributes and taxonomies. Hence MultilingualPress 3 can manage product categories and product tags like already does for standard taxonomies.

The link between MultilingualPress and Woocommerce is today much stronger than before! You, as Shop Manager, are one of our target customers to whom we address and we will continue to refer.

Language Manager: if you do not know how to say it, then say it in your own words!

The language manager allows the creation of a completely new language that is added to the list of those already provided by default. So although MultilingualPress makes available over 800 languages to draw from, you can always use this tool to create your own language!

And if instead we only need to make a change to one of the languages already available? No problem! The language manager makes possible to customize an existing language, modifying its characteristic parameters, according to the user’s needs. Great!

Posts, Pages, Taxonomies, Redirection, Trasher…: MultilingualPress 3 thinks about it!

There are many features available in MultilingualPress 3. The management of translation for standard types (Posts and Pages) and related taxonomies (Categories and Tags), the ability to redirect the user to the corresponding site based on the language selected in the browser (Redirection).

But also the rapid and intuitive creation of menus for the choice of the language of interest by the user, the unified management for the deletion of a post and all the related translations in a single action (Thrasher).

SEO Optimization

A multilingual site must take into account the indexing activity performed by search engines. MultilingualPress 3 is not far behind: hreflang support is provided. This means that search engines can show in the results pages only the right site accordingly to users languages or geographical areas.

And if there isn’t a language site available, no problem: x-default setting allows you to configure a default one.

Changelog: Initial release.

This is the initial release of version 3, so we open a new chapter in the management of our plugin. Our developers are always working to make the plugin more stable and robust through continuous test sessions. Every anomaly detected will be fixed and the related intervention will be tracked.