MultilingualPress 3.1.0

MultilingualPress 3.1.0 has just been released! The previous release allowed us to completely renew MultilingualPress through a deep refactoring process. Our aim was to consolidate the MultilingualPress functionalities and transform the plugin into a translation tool at enterprise level. We wanted MultilingualPress to be able to operate efficiently with WooCommerce. Well, we did it!

Now in this new version the already established connection with the ecommerce world, has been further enhanced. So, let’s see what new features the release offers us!

Product Translation Metabox goes to the next level!

New features have been added to the MultilingualPress Metabox for WooCommerce products.
We have a much wider control of products translation. In fact, now we can make several changes to the products belonging to the network language sites while remaining on the same page of the source product.

WooCommerce and MultilingualPress 3.1.0: we added the new Product Data panel!

The new Product Data panel added in translation metabox contains all the new WooCommerce related features. Depending on the type of product selected, Product Data fields updates accordingly to the data available for that type of product. 

The following options are available:

  • The fields Product Short Description, SKU (under Inventory section menu) and Purchase Note (under Advanced section menu) are now available. Also the General menu, depending on the source product type, shows several fields: Product URLButton TextRegular PriceSale Price. Through these fields the user can provide the proper content directly from the MultilingualPress metabox of the corresponding language.
  • A series of checkboxes allows us to duplicate the settings of the source product to the destination product. These settings include: Product Type, Attributes, Variations, Gallery, Upsells Product and Cross Sells Products.

So, if desired, the management or creation of a new product, and of all the related translated products, is now more centralized. Management processes for the administrator are therefore greatly simplified.

MultilingualPress 3.1.0 now makes your life much easier!

Users ideas and hints are a precious resource in the process of building new features. Sometimes, just some small changes can highly improve the usability of the product. This is the case of a couple of changes we provided in this release.

Just a quick glance to get a complete overview

In this case we have introduced a new column field Translation in the pages that list the Posts (all post types) and the Terms. In that way we know immediately with a quick glance if these elements have a proper translation set in the several language sites that belong to the same WordPress Network. This allows you to quickly check the translation status without having to display each individual post or term.

Browse faster among translations

When we edit content, the translation metabox provides different functionalities, but the post translation must then be executed directly on the corresponding language site. We wanted to make your life easier. Therefore now each metabox has a direct link to the corresponding content in the proper language site. This allows you to move easily between the different posts and make the required translations. Starting from now only one click is enough to reach and manage the desired content!


We are not perfect, but we work continuously to become perfect. In fact this release includes also some fixes. A detailed view of all the changes included in the release is available here below.

  • Added:
    • New Table List columns for post types and terms that show in which languages a content has been translated.
    • WooCommerce Product Data support to allow shop managers to translate products.
    • WooCommerce Product Gallery Copier. This option allows shop managers to copy the gallery images in the related products.
    • Make Product Short Description translatable.
    • Quick Edit link for translated content within the translation metaboxes into content edit pages.
  • Fixed:
    • Edit link under Advanced translation tab isn’t the correct one when translations update.
    • Content Relations return a wrong content id when related product is deleted permanently.
    • Post modified date updated in all connected posts.