MultilingualPress 3.3.0

A new version has been released: MultilingualPress Release 3.3.0 is now available!
This version solves some bugs and provides new features and improvements to the plugin.

So, what’s new?

Let’s see some of the main changes and fixes that MultilingualPress Release 3.3.0 offers.

Copy attachment management options

This new feature has been released and now it is possible to solve a problem that several customers reported. The problem was related to the creation of a new site as a duplication of an already existing one through the ‘based on’ option: in that case, when the source site has a large number of images, and the server had not enough resources to manage the copy, the process was blocked, and the creation of other sub sites in the network was not possible anymore.

To manage such situation, now the user can stop the process, if this is too heavy for the server. Hence he can manually copy the missing attachments in the newly created site. Of course, an option to skip the images copy before the process starts is now also available.

Connect all content from source site

New options have been added in the duplicating site process. Now when you wish to create a new site it is possible to specify, or not, if all the relations of the source site will be automatically set in the destination site, and also if the source and destination site will be related.

Language Switcher Widget module

We now have another simple way to create a Language Menu: by using a predefined Widget. In MultilingualPress Release 3.3.0 a new Language Switcher Widget is now available. This lets you quickly set a language switcher in your theme, using the widget locations set in your installed WordPress theme.

Fall back site

When a site with the user language is not available in the Multisite Network and the redirection option is active, usually MultilingualPress redirects the user to the homepage of the main site. Some users asked us to provide an option to select the “fall back” site: an option that lets the user select a site from the ones available, to redirect the user to, if the proper language is not available.

Visual tab is not available in the classic editor

After activating MultilingualPress a customer experienced this bug: the visual editor tab was not available in the classic post editor. The new version fixed the problem.

“Product” post type not available in Post Type Slug settings page

In the Post Type Slug settings page the user can specify the slug translation for every language sub site of the network. Usually, when WooCommerce is active, also the Product slug is available for translation. But a customer found that even if WooCommerce module was not active, and the Product slug was used in another plugin, or defined in a theme, the related slug was not present in the settings. The bug now is solved, and the slug is now available.

Search in translation metabox fails

In the translation metabox, it is possible to relate the post with an already existing one on the corresponding target site. To choose the post on the target site, a search box is available: just insert the post title and select it. But when the post title contains ‘ or ” characters, the search box was unable to find the post. Now this is fixed and the search box works properly even if that characters are used.


Here below follows a detailed view of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.0.

  • Added:
    • Cache management options
    • Copy attachment management options
    • Connect all content from source site
    • Quicklinks module
    • Language Switcher Widget module
    • Fall back site when a site with the user language is not available in the Multisite Network
    • Third parameter $request to multilingualpress.sync_post_meta_keys filter
    • New filter multilingualpress.filter_term_public_url to translate slug taxonomies
  • Fixed:
    • Visual tab is not available in the classic editor when MultilingualPress is activated
    • “Product” post type not available in Post Type Slug settings page even if WooCommerce module is not active
    • Search in translation metabox fails when the post or page contains ‘ or ” characters
    • Post Type Slug translation option fails due to a forward slash in the slug
    • Ensure that the given taxonomy during filter is an instance of WP_Taxonomy
    • Error in connecting WooCommerce categories