The right way to build a multilingual WordPress site!

Run each language in a separate site of your WordPress multisite and connect the content in a lightweight user interface.

MultilingualPress 4 Features

New!WP Auto Translate Compability - New!

MultilingualPress now offers automatic translation for website content with WP Auto Translate. Connect to some of the most popular translation services, like DeepL and Google Translate, and translate your content in just a few clicks!

New!Advanced Custom Fields Compatibility - New!

MultilingualPress works perfectly with the popular Advanced Custom Fields Plugin. Take control of your custom fields by managing translations centrally for all your sites.

Optimized for WooCommerce

The creation of multiple stores and the translation of WooCommerce post types is a simple task that allows you to create and manage your stores in an easy way.

Easily Manage the Cache System

Activate only the needed components, to better fit your server settings and improve the site performance

Translate default WordPress content

Default WordPress content like posts, pages, categories, tags and taxonomies can be easily translated.

Automatic hreflang support for language sites

The hreflang attribute is used by Google to serve the correct language or regional URL in search results. MultilingualPress automatically inserts the respective link element within the head section of each language site.

Automatic language redirection

Automatically redirect your visitors to their preferred language depending on their browser settings.

Duplicate Sites

Create a new site in your network as a copy of an existing site, including all posts, pages, widgets and settings.

Performance benchmarks you'll love

MultilingualPress is developed by engineers. We care for bits like that extra database query that’s just not supposed to happen. Basically, we let WordPress do its job and keep our plugin out of the way of any speed-relevant queries.

Future-proof, WordPress Core-based Architecture

Building a future-compatible WordPress plugin requires a strong commitment to WordPress’ core. MultilingualPress leverages the Multisite core feature that powers millions of sites from one code base on

Inline Docs & Developer Support

Need to extend MultilingualPress with custom functionality? Feast your eyes on rich inline documentation and OOP. Feel brave? You can even re-use plugin interfaces and classes.

VIP Go Compatibility

MultilingualPress works perfectly with VIP Go. Enjoy all advantages of a professionally hosted multilingual website. With high-quality network infrastructure for enterprises.

New!Page Builder Compatible

MultilingualPress provides Page Builder compatibility right out of the box and supports Beaver Builder and Elementor in particular. Improvements for several page builders are on the roadmap.

Gutenberg Compatible

The new Gutenberg standard is at the gates and MultilingualPress already complies with it to offer a stable solution for your long term projects.

MultilingualPress Yoast SEO Sync

Download our simple add-on for MultilingualPress on Github for free. The plugin synchronizes the post metadata of the Yoast SEO plugin between translated posts.

Quicklinks Available

With just one click set in the frontend all the links to the available traslations for each post

Language Manager

More than 800 languages ​​provided by default. With the Language Manager you can add more or edit existing ones.

Create your Language Switcher

The most intuitive place for navigational language links: the WordPress navigation menu. Just drag and drop your languages into your custom menus to create a language switcher. Optionally display the country flags in the menu items.

Translate Custom Post Types

Portfolios, events, testimonials, WooCommerce products… You name it, you translate it.

Translations Trasher

When you move a post or page to the trash, optionally trash all its translations simultaneously.

No Lock-in, just honest Open Source Software.

MultilingualPress treats everything you create with great respect. Export/import language content with the default WordPress Export/Import tool into another setup. It will be there as you expect, whether our plugin is running or not.

Better Performance - Good for SEO

Due to its good performance in contrast to other solutions, multilingual websites with MultilingualPress rank higher. Because Google and other search engines care about the performance of websites. Therefore, it’s an important fact for a good search result position.

SEO-friendly URLs & Permalinks

Cool URIs don’t change. A permalink is supposed to be permanent, meaning: forever. MultilingualPress lets WordPress handle your permalinks like you set them up. No rewrites, promised.

Top-level Domains per Language

Use top-level domains for your language sites, like .com or for English, .fr for French, .pt for Portuguese, .es for Spain, .de for German…

Why is MultilingualPress the right solution?

You're probably asking, why is MultilingualPress the best plugin to use for multilingual websites? That's easy to answer, since with MultilingualPress we use a different approach compared to the usual solutions. Being based on Multisite, you don't have any performance issues, since we are only loading one language per site, instead of other solutions, which load all languages but only display one at the end. A huge performance issue!

Also, our Multilingual WordPress Plugin doesn't change anything in WordPress-Core, so no need to fear updating your WordPress version and conflicts with other well written plugins.

With multisite you have complete flexibility! Each language can have a different design, different functions and plugins, if wanted. No limitations!

Last but not least, better performance -> better SEO. Also you can perfectly SEO optimize each language to your liking, which is limited with other multilingual solutions, since their main page is only in one language and some settings can only be done in that language.

Not convinced yet? MultilingualPress is an approved solution for WordPress VIP projects.

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$99.00 Includes VAT
  • Languages: 3
  • Multisites: 1
  • Updates: 365 Days
  • Premium Support: 365 Days
  • Renewal*: 365 Days / $99.00



$299.00 Includes VAT
  • Languages: 6
  • Multisites: 3
  • Updates: 365 Days
  • Premium Support: 365 Days
  • Renewal*: 365 Days / $299.00


$599.00 Includes VAT
  • Languages: 18
  • Multisites: 9
  • Updates: 365 Days
  • Premium Support: 365 Days
  • Renewal*: 365 Days / $599.00


Enterprise Solution
  • The right way for the international web presence of your company. Absolute priority support - 24/7 if you like. A dedicated success team supports you any time. Demand an optimized setup. Get customized SLA's tailored to your needs.

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Note: By purchasing one of these licences you get access to the brand new version 4 of MultilingualPress. Please take a look to our MultilingualPress Q&A for detailed information.

Support office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 UTC+1.
* Renewals are optional. They provide ongoing access to updates and email support.

Truly Localized WordPress

There is lots to say about web content in multiple languages. Some things you should think through, and other things you shouldn’t need to worry about. Especially when your content gets more complex, WordPress should remain easy and intuitively usable.

That’s why we have created MultilingualPress on top of a powerful core feature of WordPress: Multisite. The same feature that powers millions of sites on

MultilingualPress enables you to create a network of sites in different languages, all interconnected just like you want them to be.

Publish away in your language! And theirs. And theirs, too…

Trust Germany's #1 WordPress Agency, WordPress VIP Partner and Platinum Certified WooExpert.

Did you know?
MultilingualPress pairs together perfectly with Central Stock for WooCommerce

Central Stock for WooCommerce automatically synchronizes the product stocks across all WooCommerce shops in a Multisite by using the individual product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). In this way, there is no more need for manual updating. This not only saves you time for more important business matters, but also provides you a better overview of your eCommerce success.

Central Stock for WooCommerce works great In combination with MultilingualPress because MultilingualPress synchronizes Metadata and thus product SKUs. This means that you will only need to set the SKU for each product once and Central Stock will start synchronizing your stock across all your shop sites right away.

Make your life easier by reducing your efforts for product maintenance with MultilingualPress and Central Stock for WooCommerce.

Official WordPress VIP Partner

WordPress VIP Partner

Official WooCommerce Expert

WooCommerce Expert Partner

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Beautiful work by beautiful people

Probably the best translation plugin out there!

Best language plugin I have used

Best plugin for multilingual websites

top plugin – top support!

A must

Great Plugin for multilingual websites

great, simple and effective!

Great Multilingual Plugin for Multisites

Best multi language plugin, very futureproof

Great solution!

Very good plugin

The number one for multilingual websites

Great plugin, even greater customer support

The team behind MultilingualPress

Behind MultilingualPress is a team of over 50 WordPress experts: the team of Syde GmbH. As founder of the community platform WordPress Germany we have used, distributed, enhanced and translated WordPress in the very early years. We are using for every case no matter what, possible or impossible! And with MultilingualPress we provide you a perfect solution for multilingual.

Daniel Hüsken Daniel Hüsken Product Owner Plugins
Narek Zakarian  Narek Zakarian WordPress Developer
Emili Castells  Emili Castells WordPress Developer
Cuong Duong Cuong Duong WordPress Supporter
Niklas Gutberlet  Niklas Gutberlet WordPress Supporter
Dario Morbidi Dario Morbidi WordPress Developer & Marketing
Alina Bogner Alina Bogner Designer
Alexander Frison Alexander Frison CEO

Some facts prove the success of MultilingualPress!

Our Users

Many professional WordPress agencies, corporate clients and WordPress VIP using MultilingualPress! Thanks for your trust!

Over 200.000 Downloads

So many people trust MultilingualPress as the perfect solution for multilingual in WordPress! And we are not finished yet!

Over 6 years MultilingualPress

And that's not all! Behind the team of MultilingualPress is 30+ years of cumulative WordPress Experience!

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