How to manually migrate from MultilingualPress version 2 to version 3 and higher

MultilingualPress 2 to 3+ Migration Tool has been released! This tool lets you easily load your content from the MultilingualPress version 2 to version 3 and higher. So, you don’t have to migrate manually. Check it out!

In case you prefer manual migration, we are going to provide you four steps to migrate MultilingualPress version 2 to version 3+ manually.

Please, before following these instructions, keep in mind that purchasing a valid MultilingualPress license in our shop is required. MultilingualPress is currently available only as a pro version.

Create a backup of your site

We need this for safety reasons, since if a mistake occurs during your migration process (yes, you are a very careful user, but you can’t know where errors hide, do you?) you will always be able to recover your website. Don’t you know how to create a backup? In that case let me suggest you this link:

If you instead prefer an automated solution, consider our free WordPress Backup Plugin BackWPup. This will let you build your backup quickly and easily.

But if a simple backup is not enough and you need a complete automated solution, that can also perform automated restore, encrypt your data, and provide other professional features too, consider our pro version WordPress Backup Plugin BackWPup Pro. With this your data loss fears have come to an end.

Deactivate and uninstall MultilingualPress version 2

Now that you have done the backup, it is time to get rid of MultilingualPress 2; to do that just go to My Sites > Network Admin > Plugins and Network Deactivate the plugin. Then delete it using the proper links. This process will not affect your language sites and content, they will continue to be available. But now the plugin doesn’t connect them anymore.

Install and activate MultilingualPress version 3+

Get your MultilingualPress version 3+ package and Network Install it in your Multisite environment using the proper link. After that, always through the proper link, Network Activate it. That’s it.

Connect all the sites and the relative content translations

Finally, we have reached the last step to accomplish the MultilingualPress version 2 to version 3+ migration process. We now have to rebuild the connections between our content (post, pages, products, …). To achieve that you can first relate your language sites through the MultilingualPress settings, then use the translation metaboxes to properly relate your content.

If you also used the language switcher in version 2, this needs to be rebuilt now.
More information about all these topics can be found in our docs. So if you need help in connecting sites and relate content translation, or how to set the language switcher, please refer to these links:

Consider also that if you used country flags in your sites through the version 2, this feature is still available in version 3+, but requires an additional extension that can be requested directly by the support.

So, feel free to contact us for this or for any related need!

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