MultilingualPress 3.3.1

A new version is now available! MultilingualPress Release 3.3.1 is mainly a bugfix release which brings some updates in the code in order to solve some bugs detected by our customers.

MultilingualPress 3.3

So, what’s new in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.1?

Let’s see some of the main fixes that the new release offers.

Taxonomy term description does not allow html

A customer realized that setting some html markup code inside the description field in the translation metabox, was not actually possible. In fact the markup code was stripped and in the related site the content was rendered as normal text. Now the devs changed this behavior and the html code is properly stored and rendered in the related site.

Notice `wpmu_new_blog` action is deprecated

During the process of creating a new site based on an existing one, when the WP_DEBUG was enabled a notice was reported: Notice: wpmu_new_blog is deprecated since version 5.1.0! Use wp_insert_site instead. … Now this is fixed and the notice is not reported anymore.

License cannot be activated

This problem happened when the email used to set up the license (and hence to purchase the product) contained some special chars, like for example the “+” character. In that case the license API could not validate the email, and license could not be activated. Now the email is properly escaped and, even if it is made up of special chars, this does not affect the validation process.

Cache can’t be disabled

In the version 3.3.0 of MultilingualPress, a new tab in the plugin settings panel has been added: this tab lets you control the plugin cache and optimize the performance of the whole site. But a customer found that, being all the cache checkboxes activated by default, actually it was not possible to change this state and deactivate them. In fact the save process was unable to properly store the related options. Also in this case our devs provided a fix, and now the cache can be properly set.

MultilingualPress Release 3.3.1 Changelog

Here below follows the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.1.

  • Fixed:
    • Taxonomy term description field does not allow custom html markup
    • Notice `wpmu_new_blog` action is deprecated since version 5.1.0 but keep backward compatibility
    • License cannot be activated
    • Cache can’t be disabled because options are not stored during the update settings request

Here is the complete changelog .

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