MultilingualPress 3.3.2

MultilingualPress Release 3.3.2 is now ready! This new release brings some bug fixes and an enhancement for our product. The main goal is always to stay on the top and provide the most reliable multilingual solution for WordPress.

MultilingualPress 3.3

So, what’s new in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.2?

Let’s have a closer look to the main changes that the new release offers.

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isSavingMetaBoxes’

This problem happened while using the Yoast plugin together with MultilingualPress: working with the Yoast metabox, in the “Create Product” section, a TypeError was raised. This kind of problem was visible enabling the browser console. Our dev team provided a fix and now no more errors happen in the browser console.

Gutenberg strip metabox title in Options modal

A customer detected a conflict with Gutenberg and reported it to our support. When creating a new post through the MultilingualPress translation metabox on a remote site of the multisite network, some post information in the Gutenberg modal were rendered as a raw html output. Our devs quickly addressed the issue and solved the bug.

Translation box has default jquery style

MultilingualPress Release 3.3.2 also brings some style fix. In this case we realized that sometimes the form style of several translation metaboxes of MultilingualPress (post, terms, categories, etc.) were not always sharing the same format. We promptly provided an update on this, in order to keep the user interface clean and guarantee a smooth experience for our customers.

Enhance the search feature in the translation metabox

Also in this case we received and implemented some suggestions coming from our customer in the support channel, in order to improve the usability of MultilingualPress. In that case a customer told us that searching a product in the translation metabox only by name sometimes could be not the most friendly way to identify and connect the products in the multisite network. So he proposed another way to perform the search for a product on a remote language site: using the product SKU. And this is exactly what our devs implemented. Now the product can be searched by name and by the SKU value.

MultilingualPress Release 3.3.2 Changelog

Here below follows the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.2.

  • Fixed:
    • Metabox taxonomies not selected when term_id and term_taxonomy_id are different
    • Gutenberg strips metabox title in Options modal
    • TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isSavingMetaBoxes’ of null on product pages when using Yoast seo
    • Modules registered as active are not really active
    • Translation box has default jquery style
  • Add:
    • Enhance the search feature in the translation metabox

Here is the complete changelog .

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