MultilingualPress Release 3.3.3

MultilingualPress Release 3.3.3 is available! This new release comes with an update to the licensing system of our shops. Besides some bug fixes and improvements have also been implemented in this version.

Let’s discover which main changes are now available.

MultilingualPress 3.3

So, what’s new in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.3?

As said we updated the license system, and also we set some fixes and improvements.

Hence, here below we provide some more details about the main changes delivered in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.3 .

License system update

Before MultilingualPress 3.3.3. in order to activate the plugin license, we used a couple of parameters: the Api Key and the user Email Address. But now these values are not needed anymore. Instead we use two other paramenters: the Master Api Key and a Product Id .

Users can always retrieve in their “My Account” section these values and we also set up a more detailed document to provide you all the needed information:

Redirect Fallback option prevent user to navigate through the site

The Redirect Fallback option let MultilingualPress redirect the user to a particular sub site when his/her browser language does not correspond to any available sub site language in the Multisite Network.

But, as a result, when redirection happened on the target sub site, actually the user cannot navigate in any other page except the frontpage. So the dev team analyzed the issue, and now the Redirect Fallback option works correctly, and the user can fully navigate the target size as ususal.

Add current language item classes to Language Switcher

The language switcher is very useful: with that you can easily build a menu that let the users navigate through several language versions of a site.

But when the user lands in a particular language version site, the menu switcher should highlight the related language item using a dedicated css class.

Now MultilingualPress 3.3.3 provides exactly that class: this way you can properly customize the current item in the language switcher.

New filters

MultiligualPress Release 3.3.3 offers new filters for all the developers who need to extend or just customize the plugin standard workflow.

First of all, the dev implemented several filters in order to let you automatically check the option checkbox within the plugin translation metabox.

Besides, a proper filter has been set to let you customize the data of a remote post: when a new post is created through a translation metabox the filter will let you define and implement some of the data needed to create the post like, for example, the title.

More info about these filters will be soon available in our developement docs here:

MultilingualPress Release 3.3.3 Changelog

Here below you can find the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.3.3.

  • Fixed:
    • Menu item fields are disabled in customizer
    • Redirect Fallback option prevent user to navigate through the site
    • Add current language item classes to Language Switcher
    • Improve MultilingualPress term metabox usability
  • Add:
    • New filters to automatically enable Copy Source Content, Copy Featured Image and Copy Taxonomies
    • New filter to change remote post data before creation

Here is the complete changelog .

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