MultilingualPress Release 3.5.0

We just released a new version of MultilingualPress! MultilingualPress 3.5.0 comes with new features and fixes, let’s check them out.

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin support

We added a new module to let you properly manage the custom fields set through the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin. This way the MultilingualPress translation metabox includes these fields and hence their content is shared through the subsites in the Multisite Network. More info about this new feature are available in this doc: how-to-translate-advanced-custom-fields-acf-with-multilingualpress-3

WooCommerce Brands Plugin support

A customer reported an issue using the Plugin WooCommerce Brand: the problem was related to the taxonomy slug product_brand . Hence, due to this issue, a wrong redirection happened in the brand links menu.

The problem was solved, and now MultilingualPress works perfectly together with the Woocommerce Brand Plugin.

MultilingualPress contact form: Broken link in plugin

Another customer reported this issue: when the user tried to activate MultilingualPress on a single site installation, he got a warning message with a wrong link.

Originally the link should redirect the user to a document tutorial that shows how to install Multisite, but unfortunately the link was incorrect. Now we fixed the issue and the link to document works properly.

Again, thanks to our faithful and very careful users for their report and support.

MultilingualPress Release 3.5.0 Changelog

Here below you can find the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.5.0 .

  • Fixed:
    • Search Engine visibility not working.
    • PHP notice from CPT rewrite function.
    • MultilingualPress (org) contact form: Broken link in plugin.
    • Wrong capability check when Author role users are creating new posts.
    • The Greece language information.
    • The conflict with mailjet-for-wordpress plugin.
  • Add:
    • Advanced Custom Fields plugin support.
    • WooCommerce Brands plugin support.
    • Language versions like Deutsch (Sie) to our default list.

Here is the complete changelog .