MultilingualPress Release 3.8.0

MultilingualPress Release 3.8.0 has just been released! Several fixes have been set and also new features have been implemented: let’s have a closer look at the main changes!

Wrong Permalink structure for custom taxonomies

When creating custom post types and custom taxonomies with custom rewrite rules, the url of the custom taxonomy term in language switcher and in hreflang should be based on custom rewrite rule.

But if the /blog/ is added in permalink structure, MultilingualPress is taking also that part so the url in language switcher and hreflang become /blog/my-custom-structure/ which is wrong.

The dev team worked on the issue and the fix is provided with MultilingualPress Release 3.8.0.

Improve ACF fields copy functionality

Some issues have been reported by some customers related to the ACF support module within MultilingualPress. These issues were related to the Gallery, Taxonomies and Clone fields, which lead to a fatal error.

Also in this case the problems were detected and properly tested and fixed. Now the ACF support module works as expected.

More info about the MultilingualPress ACF support are available in How to translate Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) with MultilingualPress 3.

The feature to copy users on site creation

This new option has been added to the “based on” site duplication feature and it let you decide whether or not to copy all the users with the associated role when a new site is created as a duplication of an already existing one.

This way also the users are copied from the source site to the destination one, making really easy to quickly set up a new language site in a WordPress Multisite environment.

For more info about this new feature check Create a new website within the multisite and set the language for the site.

Support for WooCommerce Inventory fields

The translation metabox that MultilingualPress uses to relates the WooCommerce products content across the Multisite network, now have been extended.

In fact the so called “Inventory” fields are now supported in the translation metabox, and also a further checkbox which allows the users to copy all the inventory options by once has been provided.

Again this new feature makes it simple to relate WooCommerce products in order to quickly manage their translations in a Multilingual environment.

For further details you can have a look at: Translating WooCommerce products.

MultilingualPress Release 3.8.0 Changelog

Here below you can find the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.8.0.

  • Fixed:
    • Redirection bug when editing post/page with Elementor page builder
    • Disable new site plugin activation, Copy Attachments and Connect content options when based on site doesn’t have any site selected
    • Deleted sites are still listed when plugin was temporarily inactive
    • Unschedule all Cron jobs when the plugin is uninstalled
    • de_DE_formal PHP redirection not working correctly
    • Fatal error when accessing network admin without permission
    • Wrong Permalink structure for custom taxonomies
    • Improve ACF fields copy functionality
    • WooCommerce support when the module is inactive
    • WooCommerce Brands support when the module is inactive
    • Bug within trasher module
    • Improve Elementor data copy process
    • The Warning from Updater.php
  • Add:
    • An alert to ask before leaving if user has unsaved edits in translation meta box
    • Status ‘future’ in post translation metabox status field
    • Better quality logo for high resolution displays in network admin menu
    • The feature to copy users on site creation
    • Improve Translation Metabox refreshing behavior when the post is saved via Gutenberg
    • Language and hreflang to language switcher links: WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility improvement
    • Remove support for Elementor post types and their taxonomies
    • Support for WooCommerce Inventory fields
    • PHP min requirement is now 7.2, WordPress min requirement is now 5.0

Here is the complete changelog.