MultilingualPress Release 3.6.0

A new version of MultilingualPress is ready! New bug fix and additional features are available in MultilingualPress Release 3.6.0: let’s have a closer look!

Elementor and Beaver Builder Support

MultilingualPress is now compatible with Elementor and Beaver Builder Plugins.

Activating two new dedicated modules, MultilingualPress is now able to properly relate and copy the content of all page/post.

This including also the custom post meta used by Elementor and Beaver to manage the info needed to render properly their data.

Further details are available in the Multilingualpress and Elementor tutorial and in the MultilingualPress and Beaver Builder tutorial.

Customizer Support

WordPress Customizer is an intuitive and easy tool when you need to set up your site; MultilingualPress language menu is the best tool to help your users landing to the needed language version of your site.

Now was the time to provide a connection between Customizer and MultilingualPress!

With version 3.6.0 you can finally create and edit your language menu directly within the WordPress Customizer.

RTL language not working

In this case we discover a bug when users select an RTL (Right -To-Left) language via MultilingualPress.

In fact when the plugin was activated, and the user selected an RTL language, the HTML tag was not properly updated to render the chosen language. Release 3.6.0 fixes the problem.

Copy images scheduling not working

Here we discovered another bug: the attachment copy in site duplication didn’t work as expected.

One powerful MultilingualPress feature is related to the duplication of a sub site. This way if you need to create a new language site you don’t need to set it up from scratch: just build the new one as a copy of an existing one.

This process works smootly, but we detected an issue when the user needs to duplicate also the Media Library attachments content in the new site.

In fact in that case, after site is created, in the same screen the user should see a message displaying the scheduled copy progress. But this was missing, and the javascript console reported a js error.

Our dev team inspected the causes and provide the implementation needed to overcome the problem.

MultilingualPress Release 3.6.0 Changelog

Here below you can find the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.6.0 .

  • Fixed:
    • Problem with MultilingualPress and Composer v2
    • The attribute terms are not correctly linked in the created product
    • Errors on Licencing page
    • RTL bugs
    • Bug with pre_edit_form action and passed arguments
    • Bug with multiple GET requests
    • Wrong HTML lang attribute value with Deutsch (sie)
    • Deprecated code “edit_tag_form_pre”
    • Bug with removing post tags
    • Description text on Language Manager screen
    • Description text when plugin is first time activated
    • JS error when creating a new site, so the copy images progress bar will be visible
    • Bug during creating a new site with “Based On“ option on WP VIP platforms
  • Add:
    • Copy all tables of source site when cloning
    • Support for Beaver Builder plugin
    • Support for Elementor plugin
    • Filter to display the remote taxonomies select-box via AJAX to improve the performance
    • Remove Guzzle dependency
    • Support for Customizer

Here is the complete changelog .