MultilingualPress Release 3.7.0

MultilingualPress Release 3.7.0 is available in our shops! This new version brings several fixes and also a couple of new features, that let the user easily manage the menus and author profiles across the Multisite network. Let’s dig into this new update!

Support for PHP 8

PHP is growing and MultilingualPress needs to grow accordingly. We spotted that in a PHP version 8 environment some issues occurred.

For that reason our devs refactored the code and the plugin now is fully compliant with the latest PHP version.

To align the software to the latest PHP version is a security task that cannot be overlooked. If you need more info on the topic we suggest to have a look at this post: PHP 7.2+ Update

Bugs when copying ACF fields

We found a bug in the MultilingualPress ACF module. A customer notified us that including some field types (Image, Gallery, File, Taxonomy) in layout fields (Repeater, Flexible, Group) the copy of that fields didn’t work correctly.

Besides the Taxonomy type fields copy also wasn’t working correctly .

The dev team quickly addressed the issue, and the fix is now available in MultilingualPRess 3.7.0 .

WooCommerce Brands support is not working

With WooCommerce Brands plugin installed, and the related module activated on MultilingualPress, we found that the product_brand terms in the language switcher url were not translated properly.

Also in that case the dev team quickly addressed the problem and now the module works as expected.

User biography translation support

In the user profile section, in the WordPress backend, the field “Biographical Info” let the user shares some personal information.

As a customer requested to create a separated version for each language set via MultilinguaPress, we provided a new module that let you override the default WordPress field for that biography info.

With this module activated is possible to add a separated translation for the “Biographical Info” for each language site available in your network. Here we provide more details on the topic: Getting started with MultilingualPress

Copy navigation menu support

This new feature is going to further simplify our customers work when is time to set a new menu: if users want to set the same menu in more than one sub site in the network, they don’t need to manually set it for each one anymore.

In fact now MultilingualPress let you copy a menu from one sub site to another directly in the menu section.

Hence setting up a new language site with MultilingualPress 3.7.0 is much easier than before. For further details have a look here: How to copy the navigation menu.

MultilingualPress Release 3.7.0 Changelog

Here below you can find the list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 3.7.0 .

  • Fixed:
    • Tags and categories selectbox is empty when generated with AJAX
    • Support for PHP 8
    • Bugs when copying ACF fields
    • Elementor global site styles not copied to remote post
    • WooCommerce Brands support is not working
    • PHPCS Errors on VIPGO
    • Bug with user language checking on JS redirection
    • WooCommerce Brands plugin support cannot be activated with the latest Brands version installed
  • Add:
    • Improved support for WooCommerce Downloadable and Virtual Products
    • User biography translation support
    • Copy navigation menu support
    • Notice about increasing minimum PHP & WP Versions from next release
    • Do not add language to post title when creating a new post via translation metabox
    • Filter to allow more nav items within the cache

Here is the complete changelog.