MultilingualPress Release 4.0.0

A new version has been released! MultilingualPress version 4.0.0 is now available in our shop with some new improvements and fixed bugs. Let’s have a brief look at the changes this latest version brings!

MultilingualPress: Language Menu block

WordPress continues to evolve in the block direction, and MultilingualPress is following the same path. In this new version, the first MultilingualPress block has been added.

The MultilingualPress Language Menu block allows users to easily add a language menu switcher in their post/page or in the WordPress Editor which works directly on the front page. For further details check this tutorial.

This is just the first step as more and more blocks are going to be implemented in the next MultilingualPress version releases in the future.

Possibility to Set Site Language with WP CLI

MultilingualPress is continuously working to provide WP CLI commands that allow structured, safe, and easy manipulation of the plugin to properly configure your multilingual sites.

In this version, a CLI command which allows you to set the language for a site with MultilingualPress has been added to the plugin. Here is how it can be used:

wp mlp setLanguage --site-id=4 --language='es-ES'

Site Flags Mapping Improvement

We realized that some flags were missing and wrongly mapped in the language switch menu. This leads us to refactor the flags module and correct the missing and wrong flags.

The task is completed and a more stable version of the flag module is shipped with this new release.

MultilingualPress Release 4.0.0 Changelog

Below, you can find a list of all the changes included in MultilingualPress Release 4.0.0:

  • Fixed:
    • No flags displayed for Quicklinks, no custom flags for the language switcher widget
    • Flexible ACF content and data structure not copied by the ACF module
    • Bad language attribute and duplicate class for language switcher and language menu
    • Changing scheduled post-date translation in the meta box bug
    • Wrongly triggered confirmation modal
    • Many requests after updating posts in a Gutenberg context several times
    • Admin CSS is loaded on frontend
    • Certain product data not updating through meta box
    • Not copying custom stock status attributes
  • Add:
    • Hreflang options to show country and region or only region
    • Possibility to change the quick links view type
    • Possibility to set site language with WP CLI
    • MultilingualPress: Language Menu block
    • Improvement for site flags mapping
    • Filter to modify the relation status message markup

Here is the complete changelog.